Tarot Readings

Even though Susan is not in Savannah per se, she is actually “everywhere” when she reads you. One’s spirit guide(s) are from many different dimensions (and so are Susan’s!). Susan has now nested in Wilmington. Whether she is reading you from her beach house or her 120-year-old “witch house” cottage, as long as Susan is happy, her spirit guides are happy and that constitutes a GREAT reading. Susan mainly does phone consultations.


While you are being read over the phone, Susan asks for you to be in a comfortable, quiet atmosphere. Please, no readings while (car) driving, no barking, whining dogs or screaming children thank you. For in-person readings, however, children and dogs are allowed but no readings will be done in an automobile – lear jet, yes.

All telephone readings are done seven days a week from the hours of 8:00 am to 12:00 pm – making some exceptions to my European clients (earlier) and my West Coast reads (later).




I have decided to add an EMERGENCY READING  for those who need to know something immediately. Obviously, there is always an exception to the rule(s), but I still make them when it comes to my readings. GIFT CARDS are available and my latest offerings currently include SPELLWORK (yes, you too can be a witch) and personal one-on-one TAROT LESSONS (reading cards by my method- no need to memorize the cards). For Spells and Tarot lessons you will need to book at least a half-hour reading consultation as I will need to brief you on what you need and also get a feeling about you, plus a short reading to find out what has brought you to me. For the rest of our time and my work (if I choose to help) I will bill you accordingly.

tarot readings online
tarot readings online
tarot readings online