Full Moon Tarot

On the ocean

with Susan Hansen

Classes and Readings in Boca Raton, Fl
Thursday October 6th to Monday October 10th, 2022

Psychic and Tarot Reader for 48 years, Susan Hansen will be reading Tarot cards and giving 2 Tarot classes in her private rented villa on Hillsboro Beach. Seating and private reading availability is limited. Book your sessions now. Limited to 8 persons per Tarot class. Susan’s Tarot readings will be available on October 6th (evening) October 7th (all day) October 8th (all day & evening) October 9th (morning) and October 10th (all day). For exact times see the calendar schedule below. All readings will be given at one-hour intervals – each reading is 40 to 45 mins. Double readings may be consecutively booked for a total of 90 minutes.

Location and directions to the venue will be given once your class/reading is booked.

Call or text (912)414-6512 for details.  Email –

Absolutely no refunds. For entertainment purposes only.


Susan has always loved the Boca Beaches. Having had done many beach scenes and full moon paintings there in the past, Susan is very familiar to this beach area’s hominess and hospitable energy Not to mention peacefulness. This is why she has chosen an oceanfront villa with a private beach during her stay. What better way to get a Tarot Reading than on a beach front full moon setting…


Prices and Class Descriptions

Classes $100. beginner Tarot -Friday 6 to 8pm (5 left)
Full Moon Tarot $200 .- Sunday 3 to 6pm (sold outtaking names and numbers to be on waiting list)

**Private Readings will be done oceanside, either inside or outside depending on weather and temperature**

Please call or text (912)414-6512 if you have any questions.
Book early. Limited spaces available on readings and classes..


The Sunday class is booked.  Please contact Susan to be put on a waitlist.  The contact information is below.

Call or text (912)414-6512 for more information or details.
Email –


Pamela Colman Smith


Susan reading cards


Rolla Nordic

First class on Friday Evening at 6 to 8 pm
Introduction to the Tarot
“How to Read Tarot Cards”

We will delve directly into a quiet meditation following an analysis of the Major Arcana. 3 card spread.

Students will read each other under supervision and tutelage of Susan. You will be using your Tarot skills immediately while using your Rider -Waite Tarot deck. In this class, one will walk away with a definite knowledge and understanding of the Tarot….

Classes will be given inside the villa. Five spaces available.  $100 fee. Book below. Please bring a Rider – Waite Tarot Deck ONLY

* Rider – Waite Tarot decks may be purchased from Susan for $20 (cash only)

Second Tarot Reading Class given on Sunday afternoon From 3 to 6pm
Full Moon Tarot Class

This is a class for people who already know the Tarot. In these 3 hours we will learn how to connect to our spirit guides and/or ancestors while reading the cards…

Tarot channeling. Guided Tarot meditation. Learning unique Tarot techniques. A 10 minute Tarot reading will be given by Susan during or after the class. Students will be reading each other.

This will be a high energy, intense class. Please bring your Rider – Waite tarot deck and pictures of past relatives and/or pets. Class is limited to 8 persons. $200. Book below. This class is sold out.

The Rider – Waite Tarot can be purchased from Susan for $20 (cash only)

After the class, participants may stay for a brief question and answer of what was just learned with refreshments being served.

No refunds will be given once the booking is made for classes and readings.

The Sunday class is booked.  Please contact Susan to be put on a waitlist.  The contact information is below.

Call or text (912)414-6512 for more information or details.
Email –


No refunds will be given once booking is made for classes and readings