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No One is Perfect...

... myself included.

I have tried over the years when I have read cards, to use the help of crystals for my various challenges here on Earth.

Divine power is something we are born with. As we grow older, many of us loose this intervention with our higher selves because of over bearing parents, religious dogma, strict education and the like.

Through the years I have found that crystals help us reconnect and confirm this power, hence allowing certain properties (of ourselves) as we get older to heal. Crystals and gemstones attract goodness and (helas) protect us from the bad. They in turn nurture us, bringing us back to our roots.

At this website, you will be able to purchase certain crystals and gemstones that you’re attracted to and/or I believe will help you. We can discuss this matter after a reading where I might propose certain stones to aid in your journey or you can buy them directly from this site.

I have recently developed a gemstone talisman for certain uses such as protection and love attraction. Each one is uniquely different and designed personally by myself and my muse, Cosimo Ruggieri.

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Keychains Anyone?
Magick keychains created by Susan Hansen. 
Created and designed personally for you by Susan Hansen, these beautiful talismans are made using energized crystal and gemstones from Susan’s magick crystal garden. Mirrors are hand crafted bronze or Tibetan silver. For dispelling negativity and enhancing loving positivity.
Used to help in dispelling negativity, animal healing & protection, love attraction, home & car protection. All keychains are uniquely different and made with Tibetan silver or bronze charms.

All items are unique and measure appox. 1.5”x 6”.
Price- $20.00 ea.

Magick Mirror Keychain
Healing Keychain
Magick Mirror Keychain
Healing Keychain
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Magick Mirror or Healing Keychains